The Whittington Inn

Located just outside Kinver on the A449 between Wall Heath and Kidderminster is the Whittington Inn.

It is one of the oldest buildings in the area and is rumoured to be haunted by Lady Jane Grey who once lived in the house. She was Queen of England for just 9 days in 1583 while she was still a child.

The Whittington was originally built in 1310 by William DeWitt, the grandfather of the first Mayor of London, Dick Whittington. In its long history it has also been visited by King Charles II and Queen Anne, whose royal seal still hangs above the pub door. The building is said to hold many secrets; including a priest's hole where Catholics would have hidden to avoid persecution during the Reformation, a secret stairway and most intriguingly a rumoured secret passage running from the pub, under the River Stour, to Kinver village which was once used as an escape route.