Kinver Edge

View from Kinver Edge

View from Kinver Edge across farmland

Without doubt, most of the visitors come to Kinver to see the Edge - 200 acres of open access land owned, with the renowned rock houses, by the National Trust. There is an adjoining area of open space which belongs to Staffordshire County Council, and next to that is the Hereford and Worcester owned Kingsford Country Park.

The rock houses, which include the Holy Austin Rock, are possibly some of the earliest dwellings in the area. They were cut into the soft red sandstone, but now human and natural erosion is necessitating some remedial work for reasons of safety. From the ridge at the top of the Edge can be seen the Clee, Clent, Cotswold, Abberley, Bredon and Malvern Hills. Although the heathland of Kinver Edge provides space for recreation, this has not always been so. There were once gravel pits, sheep and crops. Thanks to the generous gift of the Lee family, the land use has completely changed.

Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk

In the surrounding countryside there are scattered woodlands, pastures and cultivated land. Access to some of this land is possible by using the 40 or so miles of footpaths and bridleways, to provide much pleasant walking, and some riding.