The Pensnett Railway

The Kingswinford area of the Black Country was very fortunate in the mineral wealth it possessed. Coal brought prosperity to the Earl of Dudley, the largest landowner in the district in the 19th century, as it did to the area as a whole. However it was not limited to just coal; Ironstone, fireclay and limestone were also found in abundance.

The main problem in realising the wealth of the area was transport - and it was not until the two major canals were completed (the Staffordshire & Worcestershire canal to the west and the Birmingham canal to the east) that the wealth of underground deposits could be exploited. By the turn of the 18th century the Stourbridge canal had also been built but it still left large areas of land which were still too far from a canal wharf. To answer this problem, the Earl of Dudley built the areas first railway, later to be known as the Pensnett Railway.