Kingswinford Toll House

Kingswinford had two toll gates, one of which was located on the Dudley road just above the junction of Dudley Road and Ketley Road. The second tollgate was located on the Stourbridge road at the junction of Stream Road and Bromley Lane. The toll gates were built to collect monies due from coaches, berlins, landaus, chariots, chaises, calashes, chairs or litters, and passengers on horseback. The money was used to provide for the upkeep of the road, in compliance with an Act of 1747.

The 'Old Toll House' at Bromley Lane would have been very simply furnished and the toll collector would have sat in the window and watched the gate for approaching traffic. In more recent times the occupier used to supply the passing tram crews with jugs of tea.

A replica toll house can be seen at the 'Black Country Museum'.