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Glassmakers of Stourbridge and Dudley 1612-2002

Glassmakers of Stourbridge and Dudley 1612-2002 is the definitive history of the Stourbridge and Dudley glass industry. It covers each glassworks chronologically, defining who built it, who owned it, and the craftsmen who worked there. Original research brings a new insight to a subject never previously studied in detail.

Family historians will appreciate the comprehensive genealogy and contemporary anecdotal evidence. Collectors of glass will gain insight into the development of styles and techniques and the contributions of individual craftsmen. Historians will see the industry as a microcosm of the Industrial Revolution with historical events such as wars, taxes and depressions discussed in the national context.

It is available in hardback (ISBN 1-4010-6799-9) price £23 or softback (ISBN 1-4010-6798-0) price £14).

It is 601 pages with eighteen black and white illustrations. Details can be found at: and


Biography of Jason Ellis

Jason Ellis has been passionate about glass for over twenty years. Jason began collecting antique glass when he worked near Dudley, where he regularly visited the manufacturers and their archives.

The Ellis family have been glassmakers since at least 1780 and to determine their role in glassmaking Jason has researched all the glassworks of the Stourbridge area, their proprietors and the craftsmen that worked in them. It took Jason nineteen years of research to produce his detailed history of the Stourbridge and Dudley glass industry.

Jason now lives in Harrogate, where he is a partner in an Information Technology consultancy.